About us

Pannes Ave. began business in 2000, as both a label and facilitator for the Latin Rap market. The idea was to give artists a place where their musical vision could become reality, where tracks could be mastered and artwork could be fully realized, turning concepts into products. The demand turned out to be great, and soon a family of artists coalesced, such as Big Prodeje, GNT, Lil Blacky, Doll e Girl, Young Trav, Brown Boy, Slow Pain, Lady Synful, Down Fall, DTTX, Mr.Shadow, Jonny U and the Thick Skin Family, Bigg Bandit, Lil Sicko and more.

All Day Every Day had a similar concept, and soon two entrepreneurs joined forces to unify the vision. Rappers from the South Central and the Latin Cartel all continue to contribute to the release schedule.

This is the Rap of the Streets. The rappers tell their stories of both high living and hard times. No doubt, this is the real... This is also quality, professional rap music, and it is adaptable to both the bumpin' car system to the radio mix shows across the U.S. Join us as we cruise Pannes Ave., All Day Every Day.